APC-Mission, Values, Vision

“I am the vine, you are the branches; if you abide in me you will bear much fruit.” (John 15:5)


In response to the grace of God, our mission is to grow a community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ to produce abundant spiritual fruit for the Kingdom of God.


In order to achieve our mission we:

  • Gather in fellowship as a church
  • Glorify God in worship and in spiritual practices
  • Gain understanding in what it means to be fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ
  • Give of our time, money and talents
  • Go out to the world in mission to serve the Lord

At APC,  we do this through:

  • Authentic hospitality
  • A humble, servant heart
  • A creative, entrepreneurial spirit
  • An intergenerational relevance
  • Respect for our history


Our vision is to be a dynamic, inter-generational community of faith where an ever increasing number of people from diverse cultural backgrounds are called to fully embrace a relationship with Jesus Christ.

With God as our foundation, and with respect and appreciation for our rich history, we aspire to provide excellent, relevant ministries with the goal of becoming a teaching church, for us and others.

This would happen through energetic worship that engages the senses, bringing us into the presence of God;

building relationships with and lifting the burdens of the poor in our midst and around the world;

finding opportunities for spiritual growth regardless of where we are on the spiritual journey;

using all of our God-given gifts to build the Kingdom;

and embracing the joy and practice of generosity including time, talents and money in every aspect of life.